This sensual candle gives a romantic ambience to the room when lit. Specifically formulated to burn at a low temperature, it slowly melts into a silky oil.  The ceramic candle holder makes it perfect to pour all over the body to give a warm erotic massage. 


Each candle is infused with pheromones to enhance sexual arousal. 


Made with natural soy and other skin conditioning oils, which together, creates a luxurious formula that liquefies into lavish oils for the ultimate body massage.


5 Stunning scents to choose from, even just having them lit fills up the room with beautiful aromas. 


Fresh Love - fresh spring showers and sweet citrus notes are entwined with a delicate floral bouquet while kissed with warm, beckoning creamy woods and sheer musk…an innocent journey into sensual bliss.  


Sweet Blush - sweetly provocative yet seductive in inspiration…a breath of blue violet and aphrodisiac floral petals splash into a blush of powdery white cedar illuminating sweet passion. 


Forbidden Fruit - a naughty fantasy of sweet nectarines and sun-ripened berries, aroused by flirty florals of sweet-pea and freesia...lingering notes of nude musk blossom to embellish sexy desires.


Black Lace - sensually intoxicating combination of indian jasmine, mediterranean fig and cassis berries twist with soft woods and a hint of chiffon musk to intrigue and mystify erotic desires.


Moroccan Fusion - a medley of exotic mangosteen, açai berry and sweet musk, tickled with crisp coconut and red current…enhanced by a whisper of white lily. 



For the person receiving the massage, try wearing a blindfold to really heighten your senses. 

Body Boudoir Massage Candle