Seen J-Lube in the pornos? Now you can enjoy J-Lube for yourself! With just one bottle of J-Lube concentrated lubricant you can make up to 6-8 gallons of super slick water-soluble lubricant. Mix it up to the exact consistency you desire by adjusting your powder to water ratio. The more water you add to the concentrated powder, the slippier it gets. J-Lube is great to use for vaginal sex, anal, fisting and for those looking for some deep down depth training. J-Lube will provide you with long lasting lubrication; it is arguably the longest-lasting water-based lubricant available on the market today.

J-Lube is non-irritating, odourless, flavourless, non-staining, non-toxic, and reactivates easily with just a splash of water or saliva. It cleans easily with water or you can add simple table salt to help facilitate the removal of all traces of J-Lube.

J-Lube Powder

  • Either apply to wet hands as a powdered hand soap or mix with water to make a liquid lubrication.

    To make Liquid Lube :

    • Mix one part J-Lube powder into a large cup with 5 parts water. (i.e. 2 Tablespoons J-Lube with 10 Tablespoons of water). Adjust to preference.
    • Stir or Blend thoroughly until no white chunks of lube powder are visible.

    Or to make your liquid lube more silky:

    • Microwave for at least 1 minute. Check to see if boiling. Keep microwaving in 30 second intervals until you see the lube actually boil over. Then stop immediately! You don’t want to boil it dry or burn it. Just a light quick boil.
    • Cool lubricant at room temperature. (Set aside on a counter or inthe fridge for at least 10 minutes to cool off before touching your new & improved J-Lube.)