Combining the soft air cushion chambers and air-flow structure of the Air Tech Series with a new malleable case, we have created reusable pleasure that you can control with your grip!  The all-new case shape makes the item easy to hold while providing peaks and troughs of stimulation.

Covering the air hole produces the same great suction sensation.

With a new thicker insertion point, the sensation is felt all the way to full insertion.

Enjoy the flexible squeezing sensations that the Air Tech Squeeze places in your grasp!


Remove the sticker that’s on the air hole of the cup before use. With this, you can control the vacuum suction by covering the air hole with your finger.


These penis sleeves are reusable and very easy to clean. To clean, just wash with lukewarm water and soap, dry it down with a towel and pop it back into its case. Easy. 

Tenga Air Tech Squeeze

    • Reusable
    • Easy to clean
    • Airhole to control vacuum suction
    • Malleable case to easily intensify stimulation