Tenga Flex is a reusable masturbation sleeve featuring a soft outer casing.  The case, using malleable materials moulded into a spiral form, allows the entire product to tighten and loosen with ease and a strong vacuum sensation. Moving the Flex up and down, the spiral loosens and tightens, revealing new sensations and a variety of stimulating pressures.

These penis sleeves are reusable and very easy to clean. To clean, just remove the sleeve from its case, wash with lukewarm water and soap and dry it down with a towel. The cap can be inverted to serve as a drying stand, allowing for easy and hygienic drying of the elastomer sleeve. When its completely dry, pop the cap back to its original state and insert the sleeve back into its case. 


We recommend to use Tenga Hole Lotion as it has been uniquely designed to enhance the feeling of pleasure, giving that perfect glide with your toy.

Tenga Flex

SKU: FLX-001
    • Reusable
    • Soft malleable case
    • Air drying cap
    • Spiraling stimulation