The Tenga Original Vacuum Cup has an hourglass shape that provides a sublime tightness. 

Special valves create a virtual vacuum inside the cup to deliver an amazing sucking sensation.

Several unique features combine to create a vivid stimulation, using advanced technology and unprecedented internal design for the epitome of sensations!


The Tenga Cup’s all feature the smooth pad insertion mechanism, which not only offers extra adherence, air tightness and less lube leakage, but will automatically apply lube to your shaft as you insert. Cool, huh?


Remove the sticker that’s on the air hole of the cup before use. With this, you can control the vacuum suction by covering the air hole with your finger.

Tenga Original Vacuum Cup

SKU: TOC-101
    • Disposable
    • Single use
    • Pre-lubed
    • Airhole to control vacuum suction